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  • Located in the heart of Gujurat India, with a brand new state of the art factory and 300 highly skilled and experienced employees we are churning out almost 2000 square meters of quartz stone daily and have the ability to match any client needs.

  • The minds that have come together to form Camrola Quartz Limited are absolute powerhouses of the stone manufacturing and exporting industry. With over 10 years of successful experience in all aspects of this industry, Camrola is the culmination of a strong foundation in this industry and a unshakeable vision for the future.

Our Mission

  • Quality:

    Before all else, Camrola is concerned with creating a consistently flawless and reliable product with industry leading service. A product and service that we are proud of and a product that our clients can rely on for decades to come.

  • Integrity:

    At Camrola we are not only constantly working to improve our product and efficiency, but also our methods, ethics and standards, because we are nothing without our values and principles.

  • Humanity:

    The same respect that Camrola Quartz Ltd. shares with its customers is also shared mutually between all Camrola employees. We seek to help each individual in our company grow and move towards their goals as we all move towards our collective goal.

  • Embracing Excellence:

    We believe in continuously changing and evolving ourselves, our work environments, processes and systems with time and technology to enable accelerated growth by building a fast, adaptive and a smart Camrola.