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Camrola Quartz Ltd

Camrola Quartz was established for manufacturing quartz stone with its plant located in Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India. Camrola Quartz Stone has the capacity to manufacture 1600 SQM of quartz stone daily which has been commissioned on 14th July 2018.

Quartz stone, as the name suggests, is an engineered stone used for a variety of applications in the building and construction industry, be it residential, non-residential or Commercial. Quartz stone belongs to a segment of the stone industry and can be used either in existing buildings, homes, offices, etc. or in new construction projects instead of tiles or natural stones, to enhance durability, strength as well as minimize maintenance costs for the end users. Quartz stone essentially eliminates most of the innate deficiencies of natural granite stone as well as enables designs that are customized to the end user’s choice.

We aim to make Camrola India’s top Quartz manufacturer and exporter by the year 2024 and one of the global leaders in engineered stone by the year 2027. Camrola has been setup with the highest level of quality and systemic controls that ensures consistent production with minimal wastage. Camrola will lead by example and aims to become the feather in the cap for the Indian engineered stone industry.

Camrola’s management is composed of top management from the Indian engineered stone industry with experience in sales and manufacturing since 20 years.


Camrola’s mission and vision is to innovate, engineered stone and anticipate surface solutions, along with its stakeholders,
that provide value, design, vitality and inspiration to the living spaces and to the lives of all people around the world

  • Quality

    Before all else, Camrola is concerned with creating a consistently flawless and reliable product with industry leading service. A product and service that we are proud of and a product that our clients can rely on for decades to come.
  • Integrity

    At Camrola we are not only constantly working to improve our product and efficiency, but also our methods, ethics and standards, because we are nothing without our values and principles.
  • Humanity

    The same respect that Camrola Quartz Ltd. shares with its customers is also shared mutually between all Camrola employees. We seek to help each individual in our company grow and move towards their goals as we all move towards our collective goal.
  • Embracing Excellence

    We believe in continuously changing and evolving ourselves, our work environments, processes and systems with time and technology to enable accelerated growth by building a fast, adaptive and a smart Camrola.
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